Tuesday, October 18, 2016


These are some of my life goals and short term and long term steps to achieve them.

1. School: Learn Spanish
           Short Term: Take Spanish as an elective this year in 6th grade.
           Long Term: Take Spanish every year to become fluent.

2. Faith: Lead Vacation Bible School
           Short Term: Volunteer to help at my church's VBS.
           Long Term: Find a church in need of children's program.

3. Sports: Earn Gymnastics Scholarship
           Short Term: Train every day at gym and go to college camps.
           Long Term: Send videos to colleges and speak with coaches.

4. Travel: Snorkel in The Great Barrier Reef in Australia
           Short Term: Learn how to snorkel.
           Long Term: Buy plane tickets and plan a trip.

5. People: Babysit
           Short Term: Take a class and babysit close friends and family.
           Long Term: Make an official business with a website.